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Hi there. I'm back for another update. I'm happy to say that I have gotten a few more contributions this time than I did last time around. I hope I won't be running out of things to put up on the page, but I'll be giving you what I can.

I've been real busy lately with schoolwork, and I recently got my computer upgraded, which has cost me some time. Things are starting to slow down near the holiday season though, and I've now got some time to sit down and upgrade this site. I'm trying to give it a little more of a convenient look and feel, on this starter page I give my little speel on the latest update and stuff, if you don't want to read that you can just click on into the main page.

I've decided to get myself a new e-mail address devoted to this page, from now on I can be reached at I thought I should have a more appropriate alias for working on this page, so I decided to go with Sneeze Guy, plain and simple, nothing fancy. Please e-mail me there from now on.

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