Sneeze Stories

Just a little note, many of these stories contain adult situations, if this offends you then don't read them. I did not write these, and I don't recommend them because everybody's tastes are different. I didn't chose only stories that I like for this page, I'll put on any story which may cater to a sneezing fetish, whether it does anything for me or not. If you don't like one of them, don't complain to me.


I take no responsibility whatsoever for the content of these files

Sneeze Lab
Laura's Discoveries
Soaps 'n Sniffles
The Horny-Sneeze Formula
Minnestrone Soup, An X-Files Fan Fiction
The Sneezy Twins
The Visit
The Timeless Love
School Days
School Days 2
*NEW*Melissa and Sarah


Community Service
Food Tales Chapter 7
Music Class
Debbie's Allergies
Debbie's Allergies part 2
Giant Sneeze Story
Giant Sneeze Story Part 2
Episode of Ranma 1/2, a Japanese cartoon
The Squire
The Journal Entries
The Internet Attraction
Kat's Perfume
Rick's Close Encounter
Lisa's Story
The Messenger
How the World Ended
Loving Care
The Perfect Profession
A little bit of male sneezing in this one, but good female sneezing near the bottom
The Sneeze : A Real Life Love Story
Sneeze Queen of San Diego
The Joke

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