Tarotgal's Sneezing Fit

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Because My Allergies

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*NEW*Big Sneezer
*NEW*Sneezing On You
*NEW*Sneezing Time

Sneezes Galore

Girl Sneeze
Little Sneeze
A Really Nasal Sneeze
Sneeze that Goes Ha...HACHOO!
Sneeze that goes HAshoo!
Short Sneeze
Loud Sneeze
Kid Sneeze
2 Sneezes
Japanese Woman Sneezing, also 2 sneezes
Jodi From the Movies Section
Womans Deep Allergy Sneeze
5 Sneezes
Debbie's Double Sneeze
*NEW*2 Stifled Sneezes
*NEW*Mychele's Sneeze


Kelly Bundy
Girl From Drop Dead Fred
Sneeze from the movie Leprechaun
Leprechaun Sneeze #2
Leprechaun Sneeze #3
Leprechaun Sneeze #4
Leprechaun Sneeze #5
Leprechaun Sneeze #6
Little Sneezer from Tiny Toons
Little Sneezer #2
Little Sneezer #3
Guys N Dolls #1
Guys N Dolls #2
Sneeze from the movie Gremlins 2
Gremlins Sneeze #2
Gremlins Sneeze #3
Gremlins Sneeze #4
Kira from Deep Space
Sneeze from Frosty cartoon
Sneeze #2 from Frosty cartoon
Tarotgal's Sneeze(Well, she's famous among us)
Tarotgal Sneezes Again
Another Tarotgal Sneeze
Final Tarotgal Sneeze
*NEW*Akane from the Japanese cartoon Ranma 1/2
*NEW*Another Akane .WAV
*NEW*Shampoo from Ranma 1/2
*NEW*Sneeze from the movie Pink Jungle
*NEW*Another sneeze from Pink Jungle