Alright, since nobody's been volounteering in a while, I've decided to write the latest plot line continuation.. I hope more of you will be writing them in the future.

Ken Smauthi writes...
Jessica came to the breakfast table snuffling into a kleenex. "Ha-mpppp!" she sneezed plugging her nose. Catharine, her roommate turned around, "You look horrible, you're not going to work today, are you?". Jessica sighed, "I have to, my boss is an asshole, the last person who got sick and had to stay home was fi... fi... HI-CHEW!, fired." She blew her nose and poured herself some cereal.

Part 2 by Jeffrey Sommer.

Catherine sighed sympathetically. She knew that holding on to this job would be a real test of willpower for her roommate. Still, poor Jessica couldn't go in like that!"Listen, hon,"Catherine said in her kindest voice."I know you can holdback your sneezes all day if you have to, and this might be one of thosetimes...!"Jessica nodded miserably, her large Armenian nose red and starting toquiver, which it usually did before an unusually violent sneeze came on."I--I'd love to...agagahh,agagahhh... "She stuttered, readying her kleenex for the inevitable explosion,"b-b-but it just makes the snee...aggaggahhh,aggaggahhh... sneeze b-b-bigger the longer I hold it...AGGAGGAHHHH...AH! AHH! AHHHHH-TCHOOOO!!!"She screamed, her nostrils opening for a blast that blew a hole in the flimsy, sodden tissue."Jesus, Jessica,"laughed Catherine."If they get much bigger than that,they might be dangerous!" Jessica nodded again."Once I held b-back a sneeze for two hours duringmy SAT exam, but when I got up to turn it in, I sneezed so hard I blewall the papers out the window!"She looked distracted, "Oh, God! H-here Igo again!Aggaggahhh...Aggaggahhh...oh, it's gonna be big...AGGAGGAHHH..."

Part 3 by Jennanne

AH-CHOOOOO!!!! She barely managed to catch the last huge sneeze in her rageddy tissue, as she raced for the pantry and quickly grabbed another box and popped it open, reaching for several tissues as she felt the familiar tickle in her nose. Ahh...Ahhhh....Oh, well. The tickle seemed to disappear so she simply wiped her incredibly runny nose on the fresh tissues and turned to Catherine who was now staring incredulously at her. "Well, Jessica, I hope you make it through the day like that. You better take a few boxes of tissues to work with you. Feel better!" Catherine left the kitchen and Jessica started back to her room and was barely there when she realized that she had left the new box of Kleenex on the kitchen table. She decided that she would just got them on her way out the front door when she was all ready for work. Closing the door to her room, Jessica felt her breath begin to quicken as her head raised and her eyes closed impulsively...AHHH-CHOOO....AHhh-CHOOOOOO!!! She sneezed hard, twice, spraying her room with germs and leaving her nose dripping once again. She raced back to the kitchen, grabbed the tissue box and bolted back to her room, where she took out a few more tissues (one was certainly not enough with this horrible cold) and blew and wiped her sore, red nose until it was good enough to begin getting ready for work. She quickly grabbed a blouse and skirt, pulling them on sloppily and running a comb through her hair, just in time to grab a few more Kleenex out of the box to catch her nose, which was running furiously once again. Finally, Jessica slipped on her shoes and after grapping her purse and tissue box and calling goodbye to Catherine, she was out the door and in the car on the way to work.

Part 4 by the Doc

Jessica's 5-speed Mustang crawled down the interstate in the middle of rush hour traffic. She glanced at the dashboard clock to read 8:37. "Crap, I'm already late. He's gonna chew me out again for this one." She grabbed two tissues from the Kleenex box in her lap, folded them neatly in her hands, and blew her nose three times. "Ugh, why can't I stay healthy for more than two weeks? I've already come down with four colds this winter and I have bought enough Kleenex and medicine to supply a normal person for years!" she thought to herself, the traffic ahead of her creeping along. Fifteen more minutes and six Kleenexes later, Jessica found herself almost to her exit on the highway. "Yes, I can still make it to work by 9:00. He can't get too mad at me." Just as she reached her exit, she felt the familiar tingle inside of her nose, "No, no, no! Hold it in, I'll be in the parking lot soon!" But the tickle in her nose only grew stronger. Jessica rubbed her nose and held it shut with her thumb and forefinger as she pulled up to the stoplight just before her work. An attractive man pulled up next to her car, looking at her curiously as she continued to hold her irritated nose shut. Feeling embarrassed, she let go of her nose to smile at him. At that moment, a rush of tingling sensations attacked her nose and her eyes began to shut "ahh... Ahhh... AHhhhh." She snatched a few tissues from the Kleenex box and brought it up to her face. "Ahhhh, AHHHHH." The feeling became stronger and stronger, her chest expanded to take an extra large breath in, her eyes clenched tight, "ahhhhCHOOoooo! Ah-ah-AHchoo! Achoo, AAchoo, Aaaaachoooo!" Jessica sneezed into the tissues, her whole body convulsing with the violent explosions. Her body scrunched up into a ball, pulling her feet off the break and the clutch, killing the car's engine. She heard a honking noise and looked up to see the light had been green for some time, and the man next to her was long gone. Sniffling, she re-started her car and drove into work, pulling into the parking lot and shutting the engine down. "Okay, that really sucked." She grabbed two more tissues and blew her nose again, but that irritated her nose more, "ktcchhh" she tried to hold it in, very tired of sneezing by now, but it was no use. "KA-chooo. Aah.. aaahhhCHoooo. Hu-hu, haSHOO!" She wiped her nose and sniffled, throwing the Kleenex into the small pile that had grown on the passenger seat. "What a day so far, I haven't sneezed, er, stepped into work yet." She looked into the rearview mirror, looking somewhat ready for work but a tired, red nose smack in the middle of her face. "Mmm... a picture of beauty I must be." She pulled out the makeup in her purse and fixed her face a bit, effectively concealing most of the redness of her poor nose. "Hopefully if I don't sneeze too many times, they won't suspect a thing!" She grabbed her purse and slung it over her shoulder and put the box of Kleenexes inside her coat and walked into work with a sniffle.

Part 5 by Anonymous
Jessica's nose almost burned as she walked into work. She walked up to the receptionist to sign in. "Good Morning!", smiled the cheery woman. Jessica was about to reply when the sneeze overwhelmed her, "HACHOOOOOOOOO!!!", she sneezed right into the womans face. Taking a kleenex out of her purse she blew her nose... "Excuse be.." she apologised, and signed in. First thing on the list was that business meeting... one of those boring brainstorming sessions on how to get bigger productions and stuff... she groaned and hoped she could hold her sneezes in enough to prevent making a fool of herself. She walked into the meeting, just at the last minute, and then things started up. She tried to keep down her sniffling... she was gasping, "ahhh...", she put a finger under her nose and tried to hold it back... that wasn't working and the tickle was growing stronger. She took out a kleenex and put it up to her nose. "hi-mmph!", sne stiffled into the tissue. The speaker of the moment just droned on and on. Soon she could feel another sneeze building... god, let the meeting be over soon! she begged in her mind. She sniffed and rubbed, but try as she might the tickle grew stronger....

Part 6 by Gurm
She knew she wouldn't be able to hold this one back, she reached into her purse for a kleenex, fiddling around, 'where the heck are they', she thought desperately as she let out a pant, "ahhhh...", sniffling desperately, she finally found a tissue, but before she could bring it out the sneeze exploded violently, "AHHHHHHHHHHHCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" she sprayed across half the table. The speaker stopped talking long enough to bless her, and there were a few chuckles from around the room. Embarassed, she wiped and blew her nose, and sniffed back more sneezes as the meeting resumed. The meeting was just ending, her face was contorted in an effort to hold back a sneeze. As soon as people started filing out she brought her tissue to her face and had a small sneezing fit, "Eeyisshoo!, Isshoo!, Tchoo! Shmp!", the last one sounding more like a cough than anything. She then composed herself and headed for her office.

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