For the past 6 months I've been dating a girl named Tina. She and I have gotten very close, and I've grown to love her a lot. I decided one day that I wanted to tell her this little secret about me, one that I've never told anybody before, (unless you count the hundreds of strangers who've visited my page :) )

She didn't say much at first, she thought it was interesting... but a month or 2 later I found out that she'd been snooping around on my computer and looking at some of my links, and she told me that she actually liked the idea of me sneezing. She SHARES this fetish with me.

I can't tell you how amazing this is. It's definitely added a bit of spice to our lives. I've received many notes asking for advice on telling their loved ones about their sneezing fetish, and now I have more of an answer. If you completely trust that person and feel like they're going to be supportive, I say go for it!, you might even be surprised like I was.

I'm not making this up by the way, it is a true story. I hope that I'll get to hear more true stories about stuff like this from people in the future.